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    We provide care for the entire Family.  Each stage in life comes with its own “growing pains”!  We help you and your loved ones come out on top.

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    What may feel like a small impact can cause permanent damage later if not addressed properly after the injury.  The best practice is to get a check up after any type of fall or accident.

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    We are predominately a referral clinic.  Make sure to thank those that referred you and continue the tradition by telling others.

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    1123 Burrell Ave, Lewiton, ID.  West of Thain Rd on the south side of Burrell across from A&B Grocers.  Look for the BIG SPINE.

Make an Appointment

There are a number of ways to contact us for an appointment.  You can click on the button below to be taken to our contact us page.  For a faster response, we recommend that you CALL US at 208-743-0231 or TEXT US at 208-620-5617.

Dr. Julie Fisher, D.C

Dr. Julie’s passion for Chiropractic started when she was in the roping pen practicing for a high school rodeo and her horse rolled over the top of her in an accident.  She had a State Volleyball tournament the next day and was in a significant amount of low back pain.  Her Mom took her to see a family friend, that was a Chiropractor, and that treatment gave her immediate relief, making it possible for her to play in the State Volleyball  tournament the following day.

Dr. Joe Hall, D.C.

Dr. Joe joined our team in 2013. Chiropractic has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember.  He is originally from Texas and attended Texas Chiropractic College in his hometown of Pasadena.  The many wonderful outdoor opportunities available to us here in the valley were a big draw for Dr. Joe. Just like the rest of us, he has grown to love the valley as much for its amazing people as its wildlife opportunities. He looks forward to helping all those he can for years to come.


Allow us to help get you back on the road
to health and happiness.

(208) 743-0231