Dr. Julie

Dr. Julie’s passion for Chiropractic started when she was in the roping pen practicing for a high school rodeo and her horse rolled over the top of her in an accident.  She had a State volleyball tournament the next day and was in a significant amount of low back pain.  Her mom took her to see a family friend, that was a Chiropractor, and after treating her she felt immediate relief.  She was able to play in the State volleyball tournament the following day.

As her athletic career took her from high school through college basketball at Eastern Washington University, she witnessed a large amount of musculoskeletal injuries sustained by college athletes. She found that athletes treated by Chiropractors had a much faster return to the sport and able to handle the challenges of college athletics versus the athletes that were not treated.

After Eastern, Dr. Julie attended Western States Chiropractic College in Portland Oregon to pursue her passion of Chiropractic.  Upon graduation, she came to Lewiston to take over for Dr. Harold Wilhelm here at Eastgate Chiropractic.  Dr. Wilhelm served as a wonderful mentor and friend!  Dr. Julie also met and eventually married the love of her life, Jason when she got to Lewiston.  They now have 3 children and love to spend time roping, riding, and in most all athletic adventures.  Colton, Royce, and Callie all keep Jason and Julie on their toes!